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in Brighton

The famous Brighton Palace Pier, a favourite thing to do for visitors

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Have a look at some of the fun and quirky things to do in Brighton. There is so much more than the beach to enjoy here!

Famous Brighton Pier in the seafront

Go to the Brighton Pier

On a trip to Brighton, it's a must to visit the Brighton Pier, a Victorian era landmark. Today you will enjoy some beautiful views of the seafront and plenty of things to do there!

Quirky shops at the popular Lanes in Brighton

Shop around the quirky Lanes

The Lanes at Brighton are full of alternative stores and plenty of options to eat and drink, including a great variety of vegan options.

The famous Royal Pavilion in Brighton

Visit the Royal Pavilion

Once king George IV "summer holiday house", the Royal Pavilion is a brilliant mixed of Indian and Regency-era architecture that you have to visit!

London Pub Crawl Bar

Going out in Brighton

Brighton is famous for its vibrant night scene! Check the best things you can do to have a great night, from draq shows to the pub crawl, we have you covered.